Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changes are coming to the Report

If you haven't been to The ArtWorld Market Report website recently take a look at the new format. The archived features now headline the site, making it easier for people who are new to the SL art world to see what has been going on the last few years.

In the past we have directed much of the editorial content of the Report toward Second Life residents, and the language often reflected the assumption that our readers were familiar with and had first-hand experience of life in a virtual world. In the future we will be directing content toward the real-world resident who may have limited or no knowledge of virtual life, presenting the work of artists who use the virtual world as a creative medium.

The goal of this shift is to reach out to the "real" art world with reviews and critical essays that establish virtual art as a recognized field in "New Media" that will enable artists to secure funding for virtual art projects.

If you have theoretical, practical, or critical comments or articles you would like to contribute to this effort, please get in touch with ArtWorld Market.

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