Saturday, March 7, 2009


Filthy Fluno is the subject of a six page feature article in The New York Times Magazine

We have been writing about Filthy since December, 2006, before he started the island art colony of Artropolis in the Second Life® virtual world. The New York Times has now discovered him, and delves into the question of whether building a virtual career as an artist can create a real world career. got him six pages in the NYT Magazine of Sunday March 8, 2009. The article quotes ArtWorld Market, in his real world identity as Richard Minsky. You can read the article online if you can't get the paper edition. You also can scroll down and read our articles about Filthy.
The NYT article also includes some good quotes from Dancoyote about virtual art, and below is our review of his current ZeroG SkyDancers performance. The journalist also visited Brooklyn is Watching, and interviewed researchers who have discovered that obese people who have thin avatars are more likely to lose weight.

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